Arak Image

"Captivating and exciting, great story of good and evil and the battles that are waged everyday and how people react. Did not want the story to end and would highly recommend this book."

Beverly G.-Real Estate Vice President

"GREAT BOOK! I found myself riveted to the story and anxious to read more of Arak’s adventures."

Ken H.-Reverse Mortgage Specialist

"As I started reading Arak I became so immersed in the storyline that I was propelled forward similar to that of a ride on a roller -coaster...going up (getting acquainted with the characters), reaching the crest....then it was a wild ride until the last page. WHEW! ! ! As I clung to every word the pictures raced across my mind in full color and detail. Looking forward to the next book."

Kathy B.-Christian/Political Activist/Grandma

"An angel with a passion to serve the Lord no matter what the cost and the humans who stand with him. Full of suspense, it was hard to put this book down! Looking forward to a sequel."

Vickie M.-Realtor

"The story was a unique multi-dimensional journey of people in real earthly places (Florida) along with the very active spirit beings. All in an "edge of your seat" suspenseful setting."

Beverly H.-Co-owner Re-Screen Co.